Why You Should Buy Sophie Giraffe For Your Baby

A baby is a bundle of joy and cuteness, they are so soft and delicate that even adults become baby when they see them. Being a new parent comes with so much joy but soon the joy fades and worry takes its place as the baby starts to grow up. There are different developmental stages of a baby and each holds its own significance. One stage particularly is the most dreaded by new parents and that is the teething process. The teething process in a baby is very hard and tough on parents as well as the baby. Babies tend to get cranky and irritable due to the pain of teething. They do not eat or drink anything due to this irritability and get crankier due to it.

There are different ways to soothe a teething giraffe. Doctors and midwives recommend different tricks and tips to calm down a teething baby. The number one solution that helps the baby ease through the teething process is a teething or chew toy. The chew toy should be soft and squishy, but not so soft that it loses its chewiness. Markets are filled with countless teething toys but it is your duty to find the best one out there. You should opt to buy sophie giraffe teething toy for your baby as it is most widely used and recommended by the doctors. This toy is literally a small giraffe that is soft and chewy. It is very helpful in easing the teething pain in babies and toddlers. These toys were initially made in France and attained nationwide popularity due to its effectiveness. If you need further information on why you should buy a sophie giraffe toy then read on the following points. 

  • Natural

One thing that sets apart this tether from others is that it is made from natural rubber. No synthetic materials are used in its manufacturing and that is a very good aspect. You should buy sophie giraffe for your baby as it is made 100% from natural plant-based rubber and is entirely safe.

  • Chewiness

A good tether should be a combination of soft and squishy. It should be chewy so that the irritable baby can easily chew on it and get relief in their gums. You should buy sophie giraffe tether for your baby as it is perfectly chewable. It has a prolonged neck and ears that are perfect for nibbling on. Your baby will get great relief with the use of this tether.

  • Attractive

This chew toy is made in the form of a giraffe and children get extremely attracted to it due to its appearance. It has bright colors and a friendly smile which makes the baby feel easy and comfortable. It is easy to hold and has a perfect gripping spot from the neck. Children are attracted to this toy.